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OK, so… even though the organisers made some major changes without consulting with me first, 013 was nicely represented at the Mr & Ms TUT Nelspruit (Tshwane University of Technology) peagant this past Friday.

Instead of the contestants wearing 013 tees, the SRC was wearing them. This is obviously not what we had agreed on, the initial agreement was that the guys and girls competing would be wearing the tees, not the SRC guys.

There wasn’t much I could do about it. But the new plan was to get as much recognition from the limited publicity as I could.

Luckily, the SRC people were busy walking around all over the place, whereas the tshirts the contestants wore, were only worn once – at the start of the whole thing.

At the end of the night, a couple (probably more than a couple) pictures were taken by various people including the internal media from the institution and some freelancers from local papers. Whether the pictures or the story behind the tees will be published anywhere is completely out of my hands.
I’ll get the pics that I can get my hands on and post them up on this website and also on the 013 page on Facebook.

Also got approached by a few new customers who wanted some tees and were very eager to get their hands on the merchandise. There was also another girl who wanted to be the face of the brand. Can’t complain about that. She was just so excited to market the brand there’s just no sense in turning her request down. (Which reminds me, I have to call her and tell her the great news)

Another positive outcome from Friday night is that I gave the winners of Mr & Ms TUT Nelspruit (Dean & Millicent) an endorsement contract for the duration off their reign. What could be better than that? The winners will be rocking 013 stuff for the next 12 months without fail!

Congrats once again!!

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