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7 things about 27 Degrees Clothing

  1. Started the brand when I was 23. – I’m 27 now. Ironically.
  2. The idea for the t-shirts came before the brand.
  3. Local Hip-Hop group, Teargas, was supposed to be rocking the first 013 tees – Obviously that never happened. (Don’t ask)
  4. The first t-shirts didn’t have any branding on.
  5. Only printed 10 t-shirts in the beginning.
  6. “27 Degrees Clothing” wasn’t the first name chosen for the brand
  7. There has been 4 series pushed out by us in as many years. Well… in 3 years, to be honest. – Classic, LOVE, FullCircle and ALLDAY!

*more coming soon. :)

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