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A year later…

I guess it’s some weird coincidence that an article was publshed on the second anniversary of 27 Degrees Clothing’s existence — June 2011.

Exactly 2 years since the launch of 27 Degrees Clothing, I was featured in a local newspaper. And by “local” I mean with a readership of over 5 million readers across South Africa. The biggest and most read daily news paper on the African continent. They wanted to write an article on me and the brand I had built from the ground up.

Needless to say I was veeeery excited to have not only my face in the paper, but also my company, my brand, my labour of love! *see what I did there? :)

Newspaper article Article in the Daily Sun – 22 June 2011


Now, a year since the publishing of the article, it’s only fair that I look back and admire what my brand has become in those twelve months. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I’ve done enough to move the brand forward since we made it into the papers. There’s so much I could have done with the brand at the time of the article that would have practically propelled the brand to new heights.

I can blame so many things that were going on with the brand at the time. But none would take away the fact that we haven’t pushed as many sales as we should have because of the article.

So, the mission for the next twelve months? Make up for the past twelve months.

It’s that simple.

Thanks to everyone for supporting us throughout all the ups and downs.



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