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Hello world.

Been awfully quite lately. Considering this is probably my second if not first post of th year… I’d say that first sentence is an understatement of note.


Things are changing. Or rather, things have changed in my life since the last time I posted anything worthwhile here ( more specifically, this ). I’ve since become a father, a husband, cut my dreads… So many things…
So obviously that will have an impact on how much time I get to spend doing certain things and, more importantly, how much time I’m willing to spend doing certain things.

I don’t actually know if the dreams and aspirations and dreams I had when starting this company will ever be realised or will ever materialize. I never thought there’d ever come a point where I would say that about 27 Degrees Clothing. Never thought there’d come a day where I feel like I can’t go on. Or rather shouldn’t go on. And that day still hasn’t come yet. I’m still here, still designing t-shirts and whatnots. I’m just not printing them. And that’s what bothers me the most.

My time on this side of the world is nearing its end. I’ll be moving house soon. Different city, different province, and a different life. I don’t know if my company will survive that. I don’t know if I’ll get the same reliable printers and seamstresses as I have on this side when I get to where I’m going. It will be like I’m starting all the way from scratch again. New clientele, new sales strategy, new everything!

As excited as I am about this whole new newness that’s coming my way. I’m really worried about my company. My one-man factory.

That’s all.

twentySeven, out.


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