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Nothing too hectic.

I’m feeling strange lately. Like I’m not doing enough to push this brand/company. The nice part about being alone in managing and running a company/brand is that I have no one else to blame but myself.

I can’t say, it’s the guy at marketing’s fault, or the lead designer, or the printer, or…

Mainly because I am that guy. I run everything from sourcing t-shirts, to designing, brand management, finding stores to stock my stuff, EVERYTHING!

It’s so strange that when this sudden slump comes along, it’s only now that I really realise and understand that these roles rest squarely on my shoulders. I can blog about it all I want, but in all honesty, it won’t change the fact that I am the one who has to get up and get things done.

I have designed at least 3 tees (+1 other something else) over the past few months/weeks/I dunno. And they’re yet to hit stores or even make it to print (or the other thing).

Why? Laziness. Eventhough I have so much time on my hands at times, I find it a mission to pull myself together and get things printed and pushed.

It may seem that the passion I had for this company a few years ago has died down, but deep down it still burns. I still wanna see people buying my stuff from wherever it may be available. Even if I don’t know them, or will never see them wearing them. As long as the appreciation for good design and quality is still there — THAT’S WHAT KEEPS ME UP!

Also, I’ve been working on a slight redesign of the landing page for this site. You’ll notice that the home page — http://27-degrees.com — is looking a bit slimmed down of late.

And that online store I’ve been ranting about all those months ago, is still stagnant. Surprise surprise. :(

I need to re-position my position in this industry, otherwise I’m gonna get drowned out by my own silence.


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